Mark Schep

My name is Mark Schep and I am a freelance Data & Analytics Consultant. I live in Utrecht with my girlfriend and our cat Evi. I like to spend my time on food and drinks in good company. When the weather is nice, I like to go out with my bike and enjoy the green environment around Utrecht.

“Make it work, make it better, make it scale"

My personal mantra

Professionally, I am a skilled data & analytics enthousiast that makes data & analytics work. I've worked as a data analyst, data engineer, data scientist and analytics translator. I'm an expert SQL and python programmer who feels at home with other analytics and or web development programming languages too. I've worked with all the major cloud providers, at different clients, and in various domains. People describe me as an entrepreneurial and playful go-getter. Nobody was surprised when I decided to start my own business. My personal mantra is “Make it work, make it better, make it scale" which I apply in all my projects. I’m best at kickstarting new data & analytics projects as this combines my entrepreneurial mindset with my data & analytics skills.

"Mark is an entrepreneurial and playful go-getter"

Others about me

My passion for programming extends the workplace. In my spare time I like to fiddle with technology such as the humble raspberry pi. These projects are both fun and educational and can sometimes even outgrow the hobby phase. One of these pet projects today is a small side business in developing and renting out fotobooths. For the Dutch, you'll find out I'm quite fond of "word jokes" when you see the company name: "Fotoboef". Don't forget to give me a call for your office party;)